king-5 ozon generator

ozon generator


With a performance of 5 g/h, it's an air ozone treatment device. King-5 ozon generator is suited for the needs of air conditioning services and car washes. It is ideal for eliminating dry rot from car air conditioning and ventilation.


  • Air-cooled converters
  • electrodes emitting corona
  • durable and quiet fan
  • effective ozonation of areas up to 100 m2 (40 m2 with a height of 2.5 m)


  • workshops, salons and car washes
  • hotel & communities
  • apartments & offices

Technical parameters

  Unit KING-5
Performance mg/h 5000
Fan performance m3/h 190
Tension V/Hz 230-50
Power W 110
Dimensions  l x w x h mm 280x170x170
Weight kg 3,5
O3 technology type corona
Electrode life h to 6000*
Cabin filter ppi 30

* depends on the humidity