Go green with Twist Eco Car Wash. A solution for water saving and environmental friendly car washing, deodorizing and sterilizing at the same time without chemicals.

Saturated dry steam is a completely green technology that makes sanitizing possible in an environmentally friendly way without the use of harsh chemicals.

Twist technology gets excellent cleaning and sanitizing results saving up to 100 times in washing water, significantly contributing to its conservation.

Save Water

Water is one of the most precious resources for humanity, but today its availability is threatened by multiple factors. Water is an exhaustible resource and should not be wasted unnecessarily.

The water consumption of traditional pressure washer systems is about 1.500 - 2000 l/h, while the water consumption of our steam generators is about 12 l/h.

Twist Eco Car Wash consumes only 4 liters of water for each car, without producing any wastewater. Thanks to the total absence of wastewater, Twist can be used where running water is not available.


  • Save time and money for a deeper cleaning. Wash more cars in less time with two steam outputs.
  • Cut labour costs (30% less manpower);
  • Clean your cars with a chemical free sanitation system;
  • Reduce water consumption (80% less water);
  • Reduce disposal costs (90% less detergent);
  • Can be used on electrical parts.

Deep Cleaning

  • Easy cleaning of door frames and parts that are difficult to reach;
  • Leaves a scratch-free, bright and clean surface;
  • Engine and under carriage cleaning;
  • Sanitizing and deodorizing the vehicle interior, including leather upholstery.
  • Removal of oil and grease;
  • Cleaning of dashboards, windows, seats and carpets;


Bring your service to the customer's home. With Twist cars can be cleaned on their parking site, without the need (and risks involved) to constantly move vehicles. No time wasted at outside car washes.

Team Twist is able to clean a car exterior in just 10 minutes and 20 minutes for interior/exterior. The service is ideal for new and used cars of all sizes.

Fight Allergies

Thermal shock kills ticks and fleas that can hide in the upholstery and removes bacteria, fungi and mites that cause allergic diseases.

With prolonged periodic use, over time, bacteria and viruses become resistant to treatment by chemical products. Pathogenic agents are not resistant to the thermal shock of vapor cleaning. Unlike other cleaning methods, vapor is able to enter into all surface cracks and crevasses. Even with frequent vapor cleaning, pathogenic agents are unable to build up immunity to the thermal shock. The absence of water, the instantaneous drying of the cleaned surfaces and the reduced use of detergents are all factors which help maintain the optimum sanitary conditions.

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